We love sharing our passion with our clients, and offer many types of services to do exactly that. Check out our services below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more or with any questions - we happy to help.


We can offer Mutli-cam Setups, Prerecorded Content, Audio, Studio Spaces, Internet Solutions, Multi-Media Monitoring, Distribution, Video Mixing Services, Marketing, Graphic Design and Promotional Services to Publicise your event

We can Live Stream any event.

  • Funerals.

  • Weddings.

  • Book Launches.

  • Events.

  • Musicals / Plays / Theatrical Performances.

  • Talks / Conferences.

  • School Open Nights.

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Awaken Your Wellbeing Virtual Book Launc
LFG 2020


We offer...

  • Documentary Edits.

  • Highlight Films.

  • Instagram Teasers.

  • Aerial Footage.

  • Live Streaming.

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We Have Worked On Many Promotional Videos For...

  • Promoting Products.

  • Promoting Companies.

  • Charity Events.

  • Conferences.

  • Promotional Films for Upcoming Live Stream Events.

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  • Communions.

  • Christenings.

  • Confirmations.

  • Private Events.

  • Charity Events.

  • Landscapes.

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